Friday, April 6, 2012

A Ticket to Tomahawk (1950)

DIRECTOR Richard Sale
Dan Dailey, Rory Calhoun, Walter Brennan, Anne Baxter, Charles Kemper, Connie Gilchrist, Arthur Hunnicutt, Marilyn Monroe, Will Wright

A railroad owner and a frontier salesman who are anxious to arrive, by rail, at the town of Tomahawk are escorted by the deputized granddaughter of the recently wounded town marshal and her chaperon, to see that the railroad reaches its destination by the prescribed time or the contract is forfeited to the Stage Line, whose owner will do anything to stop them. The only problems are: Kit Dodge Jr.(Anne Baxter) believes that "Johnny Behind the Deuces" (Dan Dailey) was involved with her Grampa's shooting and besides he's a "drummer" and everyone knows that tall, handsome and suave salesmen are not to be trusted. Johnny, however, is the only "paying" passenger on the train and she must protect him although her trigger finger is prepared for his first wrong move. Not being aware of her feminine side holds some hilarious moments as Grampa makes his best tactful effort (words not to be missed ) at a quick version of "the birds and the bees". While she doesn't quite understand, her chaperon, Pawnee (Chief Yowlachie), does and a large Indian with his own tomahawk is the perfect deterrent. This train ride should be an easy ride for about 40 miles, but the tracks run out a few miles out of town, so they must carry the engine, cars and passenger over a mountain and fight off the stage line's efforts to stop. Soon they meet up with the tracks that run to Tomahawk. Along for the ride is a group of entertainers including Connie Gilchrist and a young Marilyn Monroe. Also in the cast are Walter Brennan as the train's engineer and Rory Calhoun. This is a fun movie for anyone with a ticket to Tomahawk!

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