Friday, April 6, 2012

Ladies of the Chorus (1948)

DIRECTOR Phil Karlson
Adele Jergens, Marilyn Monroe, Rand Brooks, Nana Bryant, Eddie Garr, Steven Geray


I don't know about you, but I'm a big MM fan. Not a overly huge or fanatical one mind you, but I have seen all her major pictures several times and have seen most of her smaller ones. For a long time Ladies of the Chorus was off of my radar screen. It's not seen often, video stores in my area don't have it. I missed the airings on cable or where ever. For years, I heard that this was a B picture, and one of her first pictures and not a special MM movie. So I figured this was another one of those small chances to see Marilyn similar to her early Fox appearances like "We're not Married" I was wrong, the critics were wrong, and people talking about the movie were wrong. MM is a featured player here in this B picture, it was great fun to see, she does some musical numbers (even if it wasn't her singing I didn't really notice) it was fun to see and I'm glad I made the effort to track down this movie and buy a copy.

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